Whenever people gather together in large numbers, the chance that someone’s toes may be stepped on, or that their boundaries may be crossed, increases exponentially. In order to avoid as many misunderstandings as possible, we would like to offer the following etiquette suggestions.

This is a clean and sober event. Many traditions regularly incorporate mind altering substances into their rituals, but our goal is to open minds, rather than alter them, so we ask that you refrain from imbibing until after the event.

We encourage attendees to wear their finest robes, or their favorite talismans. When you admire their finery, please try to do so with your eyes, not with your hands.

Always ask permission before capturing someone on film. Many Pagans are not all the way out of the broom closet yet, and we respect their desire for privacy.

As the event is in a public park, nudity is prohibited.

In the unlikely event the festival draws protesters, do not confront them. Notify security or an event coordinator.