My Home Faith Is Based On Giving

With my home faith stressing on virtues of hospitality, reciprocity, self-control, and moderation, I believe in the strength of creativity, giving, and prayer. Giving to someone is a constant reminder of personal virtues that combines with gratitude in being able to enrich other people’s everyday lives. Practicing moderation in caregiving is another reminder to me that nothing in life has to be overboard either. Just brief and simple actions such as volunteering to see other have fun and enjoy other is presence.

Marin Oswald, writer at marinpublications.com


Hospitality as a Virtue

I might not have the facilities to cater for people at my own humble abode or have the means to do so, that is why I chose sfbappd as the best avenue to do so. It is an inborn thing to want to share, help, care and love others as one love oneself. I do not have a job as caregiver as I have to clean rooms on a daily basis, but volunteering here has given me the perfect opportunity to act in one of the best capacities in the world; caregiver.

Salome, cleaner at hiltononlini.com


No Punishments nor Rewards

That is my philosophy in life and which I live by, no punishments or rewards, only consequences. However, read further, I am talking about “in nature”. It is something I read long ago and I cannot forget it, however why I am saying this, why do people expect something in return when they do something for another person especially a person in need. I think that more people should become a volunteer at a place like this and see how the pagans do it. Then they might understand paganism a little better and see that we do not do something and expect something in return. We do it because we are a caring and religious group who believe in giving and sharing.

Jeff Clark, CEO at playnow.com


I Demonstrate my Love for Paganism through Compassion

If you are a true pagan at heart, you do not wish to receive payment or anything in return. Regardless of the work I put in, I offer compassion and strength of believe when I attend or serve at an event such as the recent pagan pride we attended as volunteers. It was an incredibly enlightening experience and we shared in abundance simply because we want to show the world and corporation who we host these events for that we have faith in our Gods who will share with us in return.

Danish Fian, Customer Service Representative at Bahis Siteleri


Talks with the Gods led me here

I often have talks with the Gods and question my abilities, address frustrations, pose questions and am on a continuous quest in wanting to know how or where I can possibly make a difference. I want to mean something to someone, make a difference and not expecting anything back. By volunteering here, I have found my calling in life and that is giving in abundance whatever there is in my power to give.

Gordon Lino, wrestler at imsostri.com